Friday, March 6, 2009

It's Sugarbush Time!

Well we got 2 trees tapped yesterday with 2 taps each.  I went up this morning and one bucket was 1/2 full and the second is 1/3 full.  I will probably head up tonight and check again and change out the buckets (hopefully).  This is our first syruping experience and I am so excited!

While we were up there, we noticed a little visitor on our bucket.  A honey bee.  He desperatly wanted to get in there with all that sap.  Must be he could smell it but could not figure out how to get in.  I'm hoping that they stay out.  I would hate to open it and find dead honey bees, that would be a double disappointment!  

I'll post more as our journey continues.  I'm thinking we will boil it down the weekend of the 13 and 14.  I know it has to keep cool so hopefully the weather will be kind to us and provide a long syrup season.  

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for petesakes said...

Wow.. that is amazing Theresa. Thanks for posting pics. It's fun to see. You'll have to update